1. Rise. Tell me, who is Lyanna Mormont?"
    “One of Lady Maege’s daughters, Sire. The youngest. She was named for my lord father’s sister.”
    “To curry your lord father’s favor, I don’t doubt. I know how that game is played. How old is this wretched girl child?”
    Jon had to think a moment. “Ten. Or near enough to make no matter. Might I know how she has offended Your Grace?”
    Stannis read from the letter. “Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is STARK. A girl of ten, you say, and she presumes to scold her lawful king.
    — Jon, A dance with Dragons - Geroge RR Martin (via likewendathewhitefawn)
  2. So many men had tried to make her a queen. Now she understood that she was meant for something more. The Darkling had told her he was destined to rule. He had claimed his throne, and a part of her too. He was welcome to it. For the living and the dead, she would make herself a reckoning. She would rise.

  3. thelockwolf:

    • met doing laundry at 2am college au
    • accidentally knocked on the wrong dorm room college au
    • picked up the wrong book when we bumped into each other college au
    • hey exchange student why don’t you can come to mine for thanksgiving?? college au
    • did i mention college au
    • walked in on you in the shower college au
    • drunkenly hooked up but you’re dating my roommate who already hates me college au
    • the always-partying kid falls for the always-studying kid college au
    • heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider college au
    • i really hate you but you have the highest grades in class and i need help college au
    • (◕‿◕✿) cOLLEGE AU (◕‿◕✿)
  4. Women of the Revolution
  5. arya/gendry + tumblr (1/2)

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  7. Continuum Appreciation Week: Day 5, favourite Kiera Cameron moment (pt.1/2) [season 1, image source]

    … teenage grandmother, let that sink in.

  8. padfootdidit:

    teddy lupin wearing rumpled band shirts beneath unbuttoned checked shirts with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows

    teddy lupin with  a moon tattoo on his neck that changes with the lunar cycle

    teddy lupin with an undercut

    teddy lupin with blue hair that changes shade every so often

    teddy lupin in old, battered converses that he can never be bothered to lace properly

    teddy lupin who trips over his own feet and always seems to end up on his arse in front of people he finds attractive

    teddy lupin finding nearly everyone attractive

    teddy lupin snogging boys and girls

    teddy lupin dating boys and girls

    teddy lupin getting into trouble for painting flash murals in public

    teddy lupin walking along with headphones around his neck

    teddy lupin with his hands stuck deep in his pockets

    teddy lupin in skinny jeans which hang low on his hips

    teddy lupin who acts really punk but still sleeps with a light on and drinks hot milk and does all the washing up

    teddy lupin with a satchel covered in muggle and wizard badges

    teddy lupin with four piercings

    teddy lupin who is taller than his grandmother and always ruffles her hair

    teddy lupin with lanky limbs he can’t always control properly

    teddy lupin with corded muscle and v lines

    teddy lupin with stubble he never lets get too out of control

    teddy lupin who’s favourite past time is snogging victoire

    teddy lupin who’s dopey grin doesn’t match his punk attitude

    teddy lupin crying at books

    teddy lupin who gives tight hugs that last longer than they should

    teddy lupin cuddling anything within a metre range when he’s asleep

    teddy lupin losing his hands in big, woolen jumpers

    teddy lupin strutting down the street in a leather jacket and skinny jeans

    teddy lupin with a devilish smirk on his face

    teddy lupin falling down the stairs

    teddy lupin with animated sleeve tattoos

    teddy lupin being a clusmy, punk, hot, smartass, dopey shit since the day he was born

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    Stone the flaming crows!

    I was just sitting here watching Aunty, when I decided to take a squiz at Tumblr to see if there were any grouse pictures of some dag in their trackie dacks and a pair of thongs or a couple of sheilas I’d like to root, and then I see this seppo saying that Aussie slang is shonky?! Absolutely spewing, hey.

    (I’m not sledging you by calling you a galah or bungers or anything.)


  10. Her final words were a phrase that would haunt her brother for the rest of his life:  Promise me, Ned

  11. Woman is:

    —-kicking strongly in your mother’s womb, upon which she is told, “It must be a boy, if it’s so active!”

    —-being tagged with a pink beaded bracelet thirty seconds after you are born, and wrapped in pink blankets five minutes thereafter.

    —-being confined to the Doll Corner in nursery school when you are really fascinated by Tinker Toys.

    —-wanting to wear overalls instead of “frocks.”

    —-learning to detest the words “dainty” and “cute. “

    —-being labeled a tomboy when all you wanted to do was climb that tree to look out and see a distance.

    —-learning to sit with your legs crossed, even when your feet can’t touch the floor yet.

    —-hating boys—because they’re allowed to do things you want to do but are forbidden to—and being told hating boys is a phase.

    —-learning that something you do is “naughty,” but when your brother does the same thing, it’s “spunky.”

    —-wondering why your father gets mad now and then, but your mother mostly sighs a lot.

    —-seeing grownups chuckle when you say you want to be an engineer or doctor when you grow up—and learning to say you want to be a mommy or a nurse, instead.

    —-wanting to shave your legs at twelve and being agonized because your mother won’t let you.

    —-being agonized at fourteen because you finally have shaved your legs, and your flesh is on fire.

    —-being told nothing whatsoever about menstruation, so that you think you are bleeding to death with your first period, or:

    —-being told all about it in advance by kids at school who titter and make it clear the whole thing is dirty, or:

    —-being prepared for it by your mother, who carefully reiterates that it isn’t dirty, all the while talking just above a whisper, and referring to it as the “curse,” “being sick,” or “falling off the roof.”

    —-feeling proud of and disgusted by your own body, for the first, but not last, time.

    —-dreading summertime because more of your body with its imperfections will be seen—and judged.

    —-liking math or history a lot and getting hints that boys are turned off by smart girls.

    —-getting hints that other girls are turned off by smart girls.

    —-finally getting turned off by smart girls, unconsciously dropping back, lousing up your marks, and being liked by the other kids at last.

    —-having an intense crush on another girl or on a woman teacher and learning that that’s unspeakable.

    — Excerpt, "Barbarous Rituals," in Sisterhood is Powerful. (via yellowboxturtle)
  12. winginoverthings:
    I THOUGH OF THIS. Modern AU. Where Asha and Jon begin to date. And she thinks meeting his family will be no problem. Like, she won over his group of friends, who totally love her, and she had to overcome Ygritte and Val. SO his family will be easy. UNTIL SHE REALISEs, that it was Arya who was the biggest challenge of it all. Like, Imagine cute little Arya threatening Asha "if you hurt him I will cut you" and Asha laughing but it's totally serious. IMAGINE ASHA TRYING HARD TO GET ARYA'S APPROVAL


    At first she thought the one she’d have to worry about most was Robb.  Robb was Theon’s best friend, and knew about the whole joke sexting thing…She could completely understand if he wanted her as far away from his brother as possible.

    But Robb had liked her well enough.  He liked anyone that put a smile on Jon’s long, somber face and spent most of their dinner out—her and Jon; him and Jeyne—telling stories about when Jon was a toddler and had a bad habit of walking headfirst into tables.  Jon had blushed until he was nearly purple, and hadn’t been able to look at her for a good twenty minutes, even though she tried telling stories about Theon in diapers that had had Robb howling with mirth.

    From there, it was Jon’s exes.  Jon was one of those infuriating types who stayed very close to his ex-girlfriends, and Asha had had enough experience being furiously jealous of Qarl’s new girls not to be a little worried.  (A little.  She wasn’t scared.  But still, Jon had a type, and that type was fiery, and if she was anything, it wasn’t stupid).  But Ygritte and Val had decided that Jon was going for a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead just so he could tell jokes about them in the future, and so the three of them decided loudly what they would do to him if he tried.

    "Arya will love you," Jon had said as he’d turned off the car.  "Arya…you’ll see.  She’ll love you."  And he had kissed her and she’d contemplated giving him a hand job just because the car was stopped now, but he got out before she had decided.

    Arya was playing video games when they came up to her dorm room, sitting with three boys and shouting loudly that they could all go fuck themselves because if it took the three of them beating up on her to win, clearly they were cowardly and weak and not very good at the game.  She threw her controller down on the table and glanced at the door to the common room, a smile spreading across her face.

    "You ready to go?" Jon asked.

    "Yeah.  These morons don’t like playing with me.  I school their asses every time," she said, extracting herself from the couch.

    "You do not," said a big one, glaring at her as she got up with light blue eyes.  The other two took his momentary distraction as a sign of weakness and their avatars were on his in just a moment.  "Fuck you!" he yelped, turning his attention back to the game.

    "See?  How do you like it?  Ass-nugget," Arya snapped.  She picked up her coat from a spare chair and shrugged into it.  Asha suppressed a smile.  Oh, she was going to like Jon’s little sister.

    "Right?  Where we headed?" she asked Jon.  She hadn’t even so much as said hello, but Asha didn’t care.  

    "I was thinking that crappy pizza place that we went to when we moved you in?" Jon suggested.

    "Sounds good," Arya replied and they made their way into the hallway.

    "I’m just going to run into the bathroom first," Jon said quickly, crossing the hallway.  He tossed his keys to Asha. "I’ll meet you down at the car if you like."

    They stood there for a moment, looking curiously at one another, and Asha heard a cry of “Fucking fuck!” from inside the common room.  Arya snorted and muttered, “Idiot,” under her breath.

    "So, you play with them often, then?"  Asha asked.

    "Eh.  When they let me.  I am significantly better than they are, even if they won’t admit it.  They don’t like that I beat them all the time."  

    "I can’t imagine they would.  Never go easy on them.  They’ll get the wrong ideas."

    "As if," snorted Arya.  Then, her eyes narrowed.  "If you hurt him, you’ll regret it."

    "What?" Asha said, blinking.

    "Jon.  If you hurt him, you’ll have me to answer to.  And it won’t be a fun answering, I can tell you that."  Her hands were on her hips and her jaw was set and her grey eyes—the same eyes that Jon had—were hard.

    "I won’t," Asha said slowly.  She knew better than to back away, though that was what her instinct was telling her to do.  It would send the wrong message.  And besides, she was quite sure that Arya wouldn’t respond well to weakness.

    Arya nodded slowly, a sinister smile creeping across her face.  Then she made her way to the stairwell and took the stairs down two at a time.  Asha followed her, completely bewildered and somehow, unexpectedly, nervous.